October 9th, 10th, 11th, , 2015

In 1980, the Hillsborough County Chapter of ABATE of Florida, Inc. lost its president, Jim Hill, to a motorcycle accident. Although other members had been lost previously, Jim's death got us to thinking about a way to memorialize those who were no longer around. It was decided to use a members yearly Halloween party to pay tribute to brothers lost.
In the following years the locations changed as the event grew. The Chapter began hosting ABATE state meetings in conjunction with the event and it grew some more. The name Spooks 'n Scoots was adopted and an annual event was well established.
One of the trademarks of the event is the unique chapter coolers (coffins) from which beverages are served. In the last several years, we have added a hearse to transport those coffins whenever we are on the highway to remind those in cages that motorcyclists have the right to be on the highway as well. Each year offers a different t-shirt design and are printed in limited quantities. Part of these funds are used in our continual fight to protect the rights of motorcyclists and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
In 1991 another change was made to the event. A sister, Elaine Shearin was taken from us. Spooks 'n Scoots  is now dedicated to brothers and sisters lost. Much to our unhappiness, each year we have had to add a few more to the list that have left us. More than a Halloween party, Spooks 'n Scoots has become more of a wake in memory of all of those who no longer catch the wind with us.  
Each year Spooks 'n Scoots plays host to local and out of town bikers. With bands Friday and Saturday, Bike Games, contests and a large assortment of vendors, all set in one of the nicest camping spots in central Florida, Spooks 'n Scoots has become one of Florida's premier motorcycling events.
The event is capped off with a memorial ride Sunday morning in hopes that no new names will be added to the list of those now gone.
Enjoy yourself, remember those now gone, make new friends for the future. Dates have already been set for next year's event October 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2015 so mark you calendar and ride safe.



Spooks 'n Scoots is a trademark of Hillsborough County Chapter, ABATE of Florida, Inc.