Hillsborough County ABATE

ABATE came to Florida in the mid 70's. At that time it was a group of individuals and unaffliated chapters. Hillsborough County Chapter was one of those chapters. In 1979 ABATE of Florida, Inc. was formed by those individual chapters. This union was the basis for today's organization. Through the years ABATE of Florida, Inc. has strived to be an effective voice for the motorcyclists of Florida. Hillsborough County Chapter is proud that it has played a role in the growth of the state organization. Hillsborough County Chapter plays host to over 2,000 motorcyclists during their Annual Spooks 'n Scoots event. Spooks 'n Scoots just celebrated it's 31th year and it just gets better each year.

Contact Us At:

ABATE of Florida, Inc.
P. O. Box 16297
Tampa,FL 33687-6297

Where We Meet:

The ABATE Pole Barn
6921 Senoj St.
Tampa, FL 33610

When We Meet:

The Last Sunday of the month at 11:00 am.

Please Join Us!